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Creativity and Breakthrough
for Song Writers

Dates: Spring 2002 (exact dates to be announced) If interested, let Mark know!

Cost: $175

Format: 5-Week Class, 2 Hour Classes

For: Any songwriter or musician looking for ways to spark their creative process

Make your songs the best that they can be!

. . . by adding depth and excitement to your music and lyrics. In this class, we will learn to express our experiences creatively and touch other people.

I believe that everyone has a well of hidden gifts and talents inside of them. We are like the magic lamp that is just waiting to be rubbed.

— Mark Heinemann


In this class we will work on:

  • Ways you can access your deepest passions and beliefs and turn them into lyrics

  • How to write songs for different genres, including: blues, jazz, standards, humorous songs, dance songs, musical theater

  • New ways to harmonize melodies so your accompaniment sounds fresh

  • How to create hooks

  • Fun ways to break through song writers block

  • How to work in collaboration with others

  • How to improve songs you have already written


I've been writing songs for over 20 years, but hadn't written a single song in the last year. I started meeting with Mark Heinemann in January of '98 to help me break through my song writer's block.

Mark was patient and very creative in his approach. He had tons of great ideas to get me going! I am glad to say that during the summer I wrote 12 songs and I will soon be submitting several of them to publishers. I can't imagine having written so many songs in such a short period of time without Mark's help.

— Tom Sebok