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Stormy Monday Blues
Weekend Workshop

Dates: Dec. 5, 6, and 7, 2002

Cost: $200

Format: 3-Day Weekend Workshop: Thursday 6-9pm; Friday 9pm-midnight (cuz that's when the Blues was Born, late at night); Saturday all day.

For: Intermediate players of guitar, mandolin, bass, keyboard and drums

Gain experience playing Classic Blues in a supportive Jam Session environment, while playing with local blues band

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Musicians — Have you wanted to gain experience playing with a band, develop confidence so you can play at a Blues Jam Session? . . . Have you wanted to increase your ability to play your instrument and let your soul come forth in a solo of beautiful bent, joyful and crying notes? Then the Stormy Monday Blues Workshop can help you.

In this weekend workshop totally devoted to playing, learning and loving the blues, you will cover new topics to gain more understanding of playing the Blues. Techniques will be shown. There is also room to answer any question you have about particular styles of Blues. And there will be a ton of jamming, learning how to solo, and accompanying others.

By the end of the weekend, you will have learned classic blues tunes that you will be able to play out in a blues session.

  • Chicago Style Lead Soloing

  • Standard Licks

  • Slide Playing and Open Tunings

  • Finger Picking Country Blues
  • Chording and Different Accompaniment Styles

  • Double Stops

  • How to Write Lyrics for Blues Songs

  • New Shuffle Patterns

  • Minor Keys Blues Styles
  • Jazz Blues and Chord Substitutions

  • Walking Bass Lines

  • Playing in an Ensemble

  • Intros, Turnarounds, and End Licks

  • Working with Dynamics


Testimonials re Stormy Monday Blues Workshop, held December, 2001:

Playing with the band was really great, and really helped me build some confidence in learning some leads. It allowed me to try some things, make mistakes, and still sound good. The biggest benefit to the workshop was the experience of playing with the band. It allowed me to listen to the ideas that the other players brought to the songs, and get a better sense for how the songs worked together with the other instruments, rather than just playing with only the guitar. It was great practice for time and rhythm, and building a better sense of song structure. It was very motivating to play with the other guitarists and listen to some of the cool ideas that they brought to some of the classic blues tunes. I would certainly take this workshop again and I would probably get even more out of it the second time around.

— Roger Haston


The blues workshop was great fun. I had a blast! The workshop format provides an experience that cannot be obtained in private lessons, namely playing music with other people in a non-competitive, supportive setting. I appreciated the preparation time you put in doing the tape and the chord charts and tabs, which I know I will use for future reference. I know that cost can be an issue in deciding whether to participate in a workshop like this. But when computed on a per/hour basis ($200/12 = $16.67 per hour) the cost is quite reasonable when compared to the cost of private lessons.

The biggest benefit to me was the experience playing music with other people. I also learned some new licks and moves. Having the band there and getting a chance to play with them was a rare opportunity for me. Thank you for the great workshop. Feel free to give my name and number to future prospects who want to talk to a prior participant.

— Toby Gallegos