You have to get up before you can get down!


Dance Band for Hire

Delinquent Borrower and the Librarians (D.B.L.) is a versatile, high energy dance band capable of bringing you to your feed at any occasion.

With a special love for the Blues, the quartet is made up of Joe Grossman on Bass and Marc Julckin on drums (both employed at Norlin Library by day. Really!), Mark Heinemann on guitar and mandolin, and Aimee Buccholz on vocals. D.B.L. serves up a musical menu that features repertoire from Classic Blues, rock, funk, Motown, country, and swing. Do you have a song or a style you would like to hear? We are always happy to accommodate you.

Whether it's a wedding, party or any celebration, D.B.L. will help you kick out the jams.


D.B.L. is available for any occasion
including weddings, parties and celebrations.