September School
1902 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mark Heinemann, as I am very impressed with the work he has accomplished with our school.

The Performing Arts Department of September School hired Mark as a Visiting Artist through a Goldfarb Foundation grant, to create a performance with us for the Boulder community. Mark met with the Composing class, Jazz Ensemble, Theater class and Dance classes to determine a direction for a performance. After hours of video taping acting improvisations, and utilizing student movement and phrases, Mark wrote a play, "Sep Side Story." Based loosely on the theme of secret love between two members of rival schools, Mark brought together the talents of actors, dancers, musicians, set designers and lighting technicians. "Sep Side Story", performed at the Elks Lodge in Boulder before an audience of 300 people, was a huge success. I can safely say that, without Mark's direction, our school could not have undertaken a production of this scope and depth.

In working with the students and teachers of the various classes, Mark displayed a sensitivity rarely seen among visiting artists and teachers to our school. He listened well to students, adapting their many ideas and opinions to the play's story line. He never imposed his own ideas on the students; he would make simple suggestions. The students came to trust his vision and many of his suggestions were accepted.

Moreover, Mark's persistence and tenacity to complete our project prevailed, even through times of fatigue and resistance. In the end, Mark received a standing ovation by students, teachers, and an appreciative audience.

If you are considering Mark Heinemann for a position working with your organization, I urge you to hire him immediately. You will never find such a combination of talent, flexibility and persistence in one person.


Brus Westby,